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Change of Heart by Courtney Walsh

It's the cover that caught my attention. I didn't realize this was the second book of a series. The first being, Paper Hearts. Although I didn't read the first in the series this novel was a lovely read. Once I began turning pages I simply didn't want to put this book down.
The characters tugged at my heart. This author, which is a new author to me, did a fantastic job at bringing out the emotion of each character. The story flowed easily and I found it very poignant in life lessons.
Evelyn is the main character. She's married a senator. Life seems perfection. That is until the FBI show up at the door. It's then that life for Evelyn takes a detour. Although at the time she is fearful and lost, God hasn't left her. He's still guiding her and as we see He blesses her with unexpected sanctuary. 
What I loved is how the author depicted this character. She brought out how Evelyn gave up all of herself for this man, her husband, and he abused every trust she…

Does God Think We Are Stronger Than We Believe?

So much happens to us, doesn't it? We wake each day never knowing what will happen in the next breath we take. By the time we exhale life could change forever. In the time it takes us to blink the phone can ring and news is brought to our ears that causes shakes us to the core.
What is it we say? "God, why? I can't do this. I don't want this. Please, no, God". Being believers doesn't make us stronger people, it's that we have access to the One who is.  We are frail and weak just as the next. It's through our weakness that God's strength is poured out upon us. We know our God is in control. We believe He loves us. We trust His ways. We don't understand them, but we trust Him to do what is best for us. Does that make it easier for us when tragedy earthquakes into our life?
We all have heard people say, and might I add, at the wrong opportunity, "God never puts on us more than we can handle". Friends, it doesn't say that in scriptur…

Today Holds The Potential To Be The Greatest Adventure of All

Embark on today as an adventure. The possibilities are endless when our steps match those directed by our Jesus. Don't live out today just thinking of {me}, but reach out to others. Make a positive impact on someone's life today, let it be friend or stranger. Don't let today pass willy-nilly. Today your path will cross with another. Step forward, doing something extraordinary, not of yourself, not letting fear stop you, but expecting amazing. Our God does amazing, you know? He just needs willing vessels. 

For all of us that have received Jesus as our Savior there was someone who stepped forward and showed us an extraordinary love. We may have planted seeds, helped to water seeds of others, or witnessed them blossom to Jesus. For each of us we will never forget those who made the choice to share Jesus. There are many ways to share Him. Most of all through a love this world doesn't understand. It's a heart reaching out to another, loving them enough to to them to know…

The Gift for All People by Max Lucado

I love how Max Lucado brings the reader to the Word of God. He brings the reader to the heart of Christ. I have been deeply blessed by every single book penned by this man of God. Here is another exceptional choice. This book was first released in 1999 and this copy released in 2004. 
 Lucado's books are timeless. Each of my copies have highlighted parts and underlined favorites with my notes along the sides. They are truly for all people at all walks of faith. 
Here Max shares with us God's grace. This isn't a long read, one hundred and twenty-seven pages, but the thing is that's it is a powerful read. We can never talk enough about the sweet grace of God, right? Max gives us a book compiled with poignant thoughts and stories on the grace of God. 
Here are a few of my keepers:
"The friends want him to heal their friend. But Jesus won't settle for a simple healing of the body-he wants to heal the soul. He leapfrogs the physical and deals with the spiritual. To…

Always Watching by Lynette Eason

I get excited with Lynette has a new series releasing. Friends, this is another one you don't want to miss. If you haven't read anything penned by Eason yet this is a great place to begin! 
Fast paced and a quick read for me. Eason knows how to develop characters in such a way that as the story continues to flow we are allowed to learn more about them in pieces, not giving away too much too soon. As she brings in book 2 of this series we will get to know a different character as Eason brilliantly brings back those that we have gotten to know in the first novel. 
Suspenseful throughout the story. Always watching brings us a character who is being watched by his stalker, one who wants to destroy him. One who knows his every move. We also see this team of strong and capable women surrounding him, watching his every step. Where he goes they follow. Often they are arrive before he even gets there. I find this brilliant!! Good and evil meeting. 
I see the take away as Satan is alwa…

The Mapmakers Children by Sarah McCoy

This is my first read from Sarah McCoy. The cover and description quickly caught my eye. I was hooked from the beginning pages. I am a huge fan of historical fiction. Sarah has brought us a gift of history weaved in a contemporary setting. Two stories, separate times in history, tied together to make one brilliant and beautiful story.
We begin with a New York setting in April 1859 and then we gracefully move to West Virginia in August of 2014. From there we meet many characters and travel different places in area and time. It's not a messy flip flop story, but brilliantly navigated together, going from past times to present.
These are characters filled with courage and strength. Each adding something different to the novel. Sarah shows us the intimate and transparent soul of these women. I admire how this author shows us their heart, struggles, fears, and we too are there to see them soar above obstacles. 
The words flow elegantly. Oh, the gift Sarah has for revealing the heart a…

The Newsmakers by Lis Wiehl and Sabastian Stuart

I was so excited when I seen this book could be requested in print. I couldn't wait to begin reading. I have read many of Wiehl's novels and they were unputdownables!! This one was a bit difficult for me to stay with. It was pretty predictable and as far as it being marked {Christian}, I'm not sure why Thomas Nelson lists it as Christian Fiction. As an avid reader of Christian Fiction it truly didn't leave a mark of faith with me. 
In fact, I think many might be let down a bit by the language afforded in this book. I've never read a Christian novel that carried ungodly language. Although subtle, some may be offended just for the reason of being reviewed as Christian. The book itself is listed as Fiction/Suspense. 
I enjoy how the main character Erica is transparent. Weihl does a great job at bringing out her personality and her struggles. She is a strong character, a woman who is trying to achieve a life worthy for her daughter to respect. We do see she has a grea…

Audacious by Beth Moore

Beth Moore is that girl you chat with over coffee and because there's so much to share your coffee ends up getting cold. She's that teacher you can relate to and the one you wish you could call in the middle of the night. It seems wisdom just flows from her spirit.
Audacious and verve just may be your new {fave} words once you finish this book. This book wasn't what I expected. Maybe with this one I expected a bit more. Something different. But blessings still flowed from Beth's penned words. Her audacious heart touched mine. 
Here's a few of my faves from this penned work:
"WE don't have to half Him. Have all of Him. Have the audacity to take Him up on everything He is., And, if you do, I dare you not to live an adventure."
"If we stomp out every bit of spontaneity and edge out every inch of risk in our divine romance with Jesus, we are going to flatten what was meant to be the greatest thrill of our lives into the roadkill of religious routine. W…

I Want That Kind of Peace

Ask a Miss USA contestant what they wish for most and they will eagerly say, "World peace", with a smile that is big as the world. Peace is something we all want, but for some reason we've come to believe that in this world we live in it is unobtainable. 
We search for peace. We look for tranquility and solace. That quiet place where we can escape from the troubles of the world. Maybe shopping for a few hours helps. Fishing the pond and letting our catch go can help quiet us. Sometimes when my Spirit is anxious I feel the need to clean, wash dishes, or do laundry. Going for a walk can clear our mind. All of these things help us, but they can be temporary fixes unless our focus is Jesus. 
Peace comes from that God-spot deep inside of us. That spot no one else can touch. That spot we know is real because we trust in the One who has given us a great hope. A hope that we can believe in because we know His Word is true and His promises forever lasting.

Today we carry such he…

Blooming Perfection

Everything blooms in His perfected timing. A season for everything.The difficult part of that for us is waiting for it to happen. But what we must remember is that He is always doing a work. A work that we are not always present to see. 
It's so important for us to be true to who we are in Christ. To live out our faith no matter where we find ourselves. Who are we at work, at school, at home? Are we someone different from the girl who attends church on Sunday? While on lunch at work do we pray over our meal? At home when having friends over is our faith present? 
We pray for our family and friends. We pray for strangers we will never encounter again. We pray for requests shared. Every prayer is heard. Every prayer powerful when prayed in the Spirit. We are human. We pray for what we want, for what we hope. We need to pray His will and His Word. As we listen to the Spirit He will lead us in our prayer. It may be something totally unexpected from what we would hope. We hope for wha…

Love Shining Through

It's not always easy is it? You know, to love those around us. But we are called to love. To love mightily beyond ourselves. This is how Jesus moves through us to love. He loves in ways that we are incapable. All He needs is a willing and obedient heart.
To love the lovable is easy. What about the unlovable? Those who make life miserable. Those who add a frown to our day. Those who are rude and selfish. Those who aggravate and do ugly. Those who, well, those are unkind and unfriendly. Yes, those people exactly. It's those who need love the most.
"Beyond all these things put on love, which is the perfect bond of unity." Colossians 3:14
People allow us to see what they want us to see. Most keep their hearts hidden. They are already wounded and don't want to be again. They are carrying burdens that outweigh any joy that comes. What we need to remember is that every person has a story. It's one we don't know. 
"Brothers and sisters, keep rejoicing and rep…

Living Letters

I love writing letters. Hand written notes of love penned with words that try their best to describe what the heart is so trying to convey. 
To go to the mailbox and see a stamped letter from a friend makes the heart soar. This is something that doesn't happen so often now in the age of texting and emailing. A hand written note takes time. It says, "I love you". 
We are living letters of Christ. How cool is that? Think about that for a moment. Let it ponder there for a bit. What is your letter saying? It is happy, angry, or sad? Is is sloppily put together or greatly thought out? Each and every word is counted and has action behind it. Our living legacy. Our words are powerful and our actions mighty. To think of myself as being a living letter of Christ makes me ponder deeply the magnitude of my word and deed. 
"You yourselves are our letter, written on our hearts, recognized and read by everyone. It is clear that you are Christ's letter, produced by us, not wri…

Step By Step by Candace Calvert

This is my first novel to read penned by Candace Calvert. Wow! I wasn't sure what to expect, but let me tell you that all that was missing was popcorn. I felt like I was sitting in the front row of a movie theater. Calvert has penned a beautiful novel about tragedy meeting healing, brokenness finding beauty within the ashes, anger letting go and reaching for forgiveness, and love abounding in the midst of a messy world. 
A medical drama, but this novel goes far beyond the doors of the hospital. Calvert takes us to the heart of the characters. 
The characters tugged at my heart. We are introduced to people who are real. People you and I know. They could very well be us. We not only know their story and circumstance, but as the story weaves a beauty of faith we feel their emotion. That makes me admire Calvert as a writer. When the reader is able to connect to each and every character that is a story well written. 
We meet characters who are a part of a crisis team. People  filled w…